You'll get

Analytical and Organized
Computer savvy across platforms
Creative problem-solving
Operations, business management and administration

Contractor Summary

Commercial Development Management

Working for owner/investors of downtown commercial properties. Project estimation, construction management, conceptual design technical assistance, project organization and management services. Funding research, presentation development, capital raise administration.

Process Improvement

Hired on as Director of Operations I provided the CEO with financial and risk analysis of existing operations and contracts adherence along with creating reporting tools based on KPIs. Trained staff in industry best practices and basic contracts education. Improved use of existing project management software.

Business Management
General Contracting

Started with GC at $6M/yr and helped him to transition business infrastructure from residential repair and maintenance to commercial contracting and development. In three years he had a $12M/yr company. We increased bonding capacity and therefore we had squeaky clean financials, first undergoing Review and then Audit for SBA 8(a) certification. I did major clean up operation on his financial systems and managed the insurance, attorney and accountant coordination. Also led the competitive bidding for local, state and federal projects up to $11M single awarded contract.

Transition Management and Modernization

For a water well service company I helped the owner transition from paper based pricing model to digital system. Modernization allowed major clean up in finances, moving from $500k debt to $500k in the black in 6 months. Transition management also involved exiting an elderly family member from operations.

Succession Management and Modernization

Roofing company changeover from father to son required modernization efforts to get invoicing both digital and online. Set up legal, insurance, credit accounts and other business requirements for transition.



My special power is being able to study and learn a new company, business or industry and then quickly adapt the business operations needs to meet a goal.


You get results and positive outcomes in the form of diligence and creative problem-solving. My forte is tackling unique situations to achieve a specific goal. You get an analytical and organized mind, confident decision making, and honest communication.


You get two decades of operations, business management and administration experience, including profit and finance, risk and liability mitigation, analysis, budgets and contracts, negotiations, and governmental and regulatory compliance. I am computer savvy across platforms with a variety of standard packages and enterprise proprietary software. I will work with you, your accountant, and your lawyer, and get it done.

I Can Prove It

Standard resume, letters of recommendation, and reference phone numbers are available upon request. MIT SA+P Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment certificate 2021. BA 1999.