Industrial Dress


B&B Designs.

A joint effort between myself and Anna Bechtol, the Industrial Dress incorporates hardware store items into a thrift store dress for the second anniversary and the first fashion event at the monthly Warper Party.  This event was on December 12, 2007 at Supreme Trading in Brooklyn, NY.  I called on Anna’s expertise as a fashion designer to help me bring this idea into existence after looking closely at the curtains hanging at the entrance to the main room at the Kitchen in Manhattan for the Art & Appropriation panel discussion earlier in the month.  It took us $60 and two Sunday evenings of wine and cheese to complete.          

Materials:  cloth, bolts, nuts, door hinges, cabinet hinges, pulley, rope, screen door wire mesh, metal wire, sliding door lock, hook & eyes

Photographs © Sonya Ledanski

Industrial Dress

V2K 244 Fifth Ave, Suite V207, New York, NY 10001