V2K Experience


What you get from me

You get a smart person who can run your business. You get over two decades of business management and administration experience including finance, reports, analysis, budgets and contracts, negotiations, staff supervision, accounts receivable and payable, estimating, bidding and pricing. I will work with you, your accountant and your lawyer and get it done.

You get someone computer savvy. You get proficiency in both the Windows and Mac platforms, the entire MS Office Suite, experience with small office networking and administration, and a solid competency in data, computer software and hardware in general. I will study what you’ve done, get help if needed, and then get you a product.

You get a very analytical and organized mind. You get my capacity to concentrate and focus for extended periods of time and the ability to organize your business assets meaningfully and profitably. You get creative problem solving, confident decision making, and honest communication. I will improve your processes, mitigate risk, and make you more efficient.

I’m a world traveler, dual-citizen US/EU, I learn languages and culture and come with a BA in French (1999).

Contact me for detailed references and a project proposal. vanessa @ v2k.name

Have a look at some creative projects, or my artist website www.vanessaboyd.com .

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